Video Games

1,200+ titles, 415+ franchises,
130+ publishers, 10+ channels

Actionable Strategic Intelligence

The world at play

As digital distribution and new revenue models
have expanded video games access to many
more consumers, the M Science video games
platform provides near real-time insights
across all major platforms, publishers,
franchises, and games in near real-time.
We provide insights into full game sales,
subscriptions, microtransactions, downloadable content, hardware
& console sales, and more.

Leading edge datasets

We measure performance
and customer behavior by analyzing millions
of transactions and item-level receipts
across multiple longitudinal panels.
Our Offering

Metrics and Analyses

User and revenue metrics by storefront, publisher, franchise, game, and item type (DLC/MTX/full game)

Impact of new game launches, promotional events, and live services events

Game metrics with daily granularity

Cross-penetration between titles and platforms, including flow share

Customer loyalty, retention, and cumulative spend

Market share and share of customer wallet

Metrics for custom cohorts

Sample Coverage

M Science video game intelligence
taps into near real-time insights
across hundreds of publishers
and thousands of games.

M Science has created value
for the biggest organizations
in the world.

M Science has created value
for the biggest organizations
in the world.

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