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Sundial Data LLC, an affiliate of M Science,
specializes in providing unmodeled data solutions and consultation services.

Sundial empowers organizations and data buyers by facilitating the discovery, comparison, and connection with data providers. Through Sundial, M Science clients gain access to sophisticated data at their fingertips, all while receiving the same high level of service and support synonymous with traditional investment research.

Sundial’s comprehensive resources play a pivotal role in enabling leading institutional investors the research and insights critical for their process. With frequent and consistent updates delivered in near-real time, Sundial enhances investment strategies, ensuring clients stay at the forefront of market trends.  

Explore Sundial’s product suite and capabilities on their website to delve deeper into the wealth of resources they offer.  

Learn more about Sundial’s product suite
and capabilities on their website.

Sundial Australia

Sundial Australia is a dashboard driven by a ~900k+ user consumer transaction data panel derived from several financial institutions across the continent. With its daily updates, the solution features 120+ tickers and 230+ tagged merchants.

Sundial | Liftr®

Sundial | Liftr serves as a guide to global investors, delivering crucial insights into the hyper-scale cloud infrastructure market, enabling comprehensive coverage of major cloud providers and their primary semiconductor suppliers. Fueled by data from Liftr Insights, Sundial | Liftr provides a unique perspective, arming investors with the depth of information required to navigate the complex dynamics of the rapidly evolving hyper-scale cloud infrastructure landscape. Elevate your investment strategy with the rich data and analytics provided by Sundial | Liftr.

Sundial UK

Sundial UK is a derived data product, highlighting consumer transaction activity across the country. To inform their cohort analytics, the firm derives insights from a panel of over ~1.4M users, with data from dozens of financial institutions in the UK. This offering covers 60+ tickers and 100+ tagged merchants, updated daily.

Sundial Europe

Sundial Europe is a derived data product that highlights spending trends into the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. Sundial's licensed digital purchase data consists of a panel of ~1 million+ users across these five geographies. Updated on a weekly cadence, Sundial Europe explores 40+ tickers and 70+ merchants, enabling insights for some of the world's largest consumer brands and retailers.