Mapping the digital ecosystem and recognizing insights in everyday conversation.

Investors, both discretionary and systematic, have traditionally relied on standardized financial data and news to drive investment decisions. As mass adoption of the social web advances the speed, reach, and mechanics of modern communication, the arc of information dissemination flattens - dislocating conventional forms of data discovery and investment research.

With over 1 million tags mapped to 3,000 public and private companies, TickerTags maps and monitors the multitude of tangible and intangible business drivers that move and influence companies and markets. Structuring alternative data for the investment industry is often a laborious, resource-intensive and time-consuming exercise. As a leading word mention frequency investment tool, TickerTags converts conversation activity into valuable investment insight that is useful for investment analysis.

sector coverage


  • Major Telecommunications
  • Wireless Telecommunications

Consumer Durables

  • Electronics/Appliances
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Recreational Products

Consumer Non-Durables

  • Apparel/Footwear
  • Beverages/Non-Alcoholic
  • Food
  • Household/Personal Care
  • Tobacco

Consumer Services

  • Broadcasting
  • Hotels/Resorts/Cruiselines
  • Media Conglomerates
  • Movies/Entertainment
  • Other Consumer Services
  • Publishing
  • Restaurants

Distribution Services

  • Wholesale Distributors

Electronic Technology

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Computer Processing Hardware
  • Electronic Equipment/Instruments
  • Telecommunications Equipment


  • Major Banks

Health Technology

  • Medical Specialties
  • Pharmaceuticals

Producer Manufacturing

  • Building Products
  • Industrial Conglomerates

Retail Trade

  • Apparel/Footwear Retail
  • Department Stores
  • Discount Stores
  • Drugstore Chains
  • Electronics/Appliance Stores
  • Food Retail
  • Home Improvement Chains
  • Internet Retail
  • Specialty Stores

Technology Services

  • Data Processing Services
  • Internet Software/Services
  • Packaged Software