Streaming Live-TV Services Don’t Appear to Be Saving Consumers Any Money

For Cord-Cutters And Shavers Who Want A Traditional, Linear TV Experience, Virtual-MVPDs Have Been Sold As A Frugal Alternative To Paying For A Full Cable Or Satellite Bundle. With Prices Of These Services Rising Though, Are Consumers Still Saving Money Over The Bundle? Virtual-MVPD Services Get More Expensive Every Year For savvy media consumers wanting […]

Netflix Subscribers Who Subscribe to Multiple Streaming Services Are Stickier

M Science Research Shows That Adding More Services On Top Of A Netflix Subscription Doesn’t Appear To Significantly Hurt Retention And Can Even Improve Stickiness Compared To Subscribers Who Only Have Netflix Netflix has industry-leading retention. Netflix has long been the biggest name in streaming, but with the launch of Disney+, an undeniable juggernaut of […]