M Science Continues to Grow; Expands its Private Equity Team

M Science, the pioneer in data-driven research and analytics, today announced the hire of Bill McCrossan to the newly developed position of head of private equity sales. McCrossan will work with M Science senior leadership and the research, product, and technology teams to expand upon the firm’s existing private equity client relationships. He joins M […]

Fear Around Novel Coronavirus Spikes Face Mask Sales in US

M Science Data Shows Clear, Immediate Consumer Reaction To Panic-Creating Headlines National fear levels may be measured by monitoring social media and headlines, but it can be difficult to quantify to what degree fear is driving action beyond the Twitter-verse. However, observations of certain consumers… be a leading indicator as to how widespread fear is […]

Google Stadia Has Connectivity Issues with Early Adopters

Can Google Deliver The Promised Future Of Gaming? For many users, Stadia feels like a full-priced beta product Two months after Google Stadia’s release, it is clear that this “gaming platform of the future” has issues connecting to its customer base. Google promised a play-anywhere cloud gaming experience to rival any console, but sentiment analysis […]

Truth Hurts: DNA Testing Kits Have Recessive Holiday Period

Have Concerns About Privacy Caught Up With At-Home DNA Testing Kit Companies? I just took a DNA test; it turns out, I’m 100% data-driven. While DNA tests topped charts in 2019 with a featured line in Lizzo’s hit song Truth Hurts, sales of DNA testing kits, such as those sold by 23andMe and Ancestry DNA, […]

5G Adoption in China Surpasses US

As The Prices Of 5G Phones Remain High And Coverage Remains Sparse In The US, Domestic Adoption Of The Superfast Cell Technology Lags. China Is A Different Story However. Data suggests China has outpaced US in 5G adoption Blazing fast speeds. Near-instantaneous latency. The Internet of Things becoming the Internet of Everything. All of the […]

That’s a Wrap: The Most Popular Chipotle Burrito Fillings of 2019

In A Record Year For Fast-Casual Giant Chipotle, What Proteins Did Americans Choose To Fill Their Burritos? Chipotle delivered more than burritos in 2019 With 2019 wrapped up, Chipotle cranked the heat from mild to hot this past year through Q3 with quarter after quarter of record sales, repeatedly beating expectations. Chipotle will report full […]

Streaming Live-TV Services Don’t Appear to Be Saving Consumers Any Money

For Cord-Cutters And Shavers Who Want A Traditional, Linear TV Experience, Virtual-MVPDs Have Been Sold As A Frugal Alternative To Paying For A Full Cable Or Satellite Bundle. With Prices Of These Services Rising Though, Are Consumers Still Saving Money Over The Bundle? Virtual-MVPD Services Get More Expensive Every Year For savvy media consumers wanting […]

Meal Kit Customers Skip the Tasting Menu, Increasingly Only Try One Service

As Delivery Meal Kit Services Pull Back On Promotions And Attempt To Tighten The Bottom Line, Sampling Of Multiple Services Has Slowed, But Are Customers Becoming More Loyal Or Are They Leaving The Delivery Meal Kit Ecosystem Altogether? The delivery meal kit industry retains customers like a colander For delivery meal kit services, like any […]

Netflix Subscribers Who Subscribe to Multiple Streaming Services Are Stickier

M Science Research Shows That Adding More Services On Top Of A Netflix Subscription Doesn’t Appear To Significantly Hurt Retention And Can Even Improve Stickiness Compared To Subscribers Who Only Have Netflix Netflix has industry-leading retention. Netflix has long been the biggest name in streaming, but with the launch of Disney+, an undeniable juggernaut of […]

Is Black Friday Actually Getting Longer? Consumers Say TGIF

While It May Feel Like The Holiday Shopping Season Gets Longer Every Year, For Major Retailers, The Turkey Five Still Dominates. Black Friday Sales Start Earlier and Earlier Every Year Christmas creep has now progressed such that when the bats and witches are taken down in stores across America, they are immediately replaced with tinsel […]

Former Amazon Prime Customers Just Can’t Stay Away

After Cancelling Their Prime Subscriptions, We Find Most Amazon Customers Continue Shopping And Spending Significant Amounts On The Site. We Looked How The Retention And Spending Patterns Of These Former Prime Subscribers Is Trending Amazon Prime is wildly successful but not free from churn For many American households, it is already hard to imagine a […]

M Science Launching First-of-its-Kind 5G Intelligence

NEW YORK–(Business Wire)–M Science, the pioneer in data-driven research and analytics, is soon to launch its 5G mobile handset measurement capabilities. As a new M Analysis research and intelligence solution, M Science’s 5G offering will provide weekly updates on adoption of the new technology across mobile devices running Android software. It will also include iOS […]

Hedge funds’ secret sauce is obscure data like satellite images. Here’s how the people in charge of spending millions on this data find the stuff worth buying.

Roberto Jedreicich gets to the point. The decision-maker on all things alternative data at Credit Suisse’s internal $650 million quant fund, QT, is flooded with pitches and meeting requests from new data vendors on the average day. But last week, at BattleFin’s Discovery Day in the opulent Plaza hotel in New York, it was more […]