M Science Launches Weekly Insight into the GPU Market (AMD, NVDA) on M Data Viz

M Science, the leader and pioneer in data driven research and analytics, announces the launch of its offering into the GPU Market for M Data Viz, a proprietary platform allowing clients to visualize, interact with and perform customized analysis on the firm’s M Data offerings.

M Science’s GPU Market product offers access to the following:

  • Weekly SKU-level pricing and volume trends
    Near real-time visibility into US and China GPU markets
    Increased flexibility to view critical supply & demand trends & various market share metrics
    On-demand direct data access via centralized web-based dashboard

About M Science

M Science is a data-driven research and analytics firm, uncovering new insights for leading financial institutions and corporations. M Science is revolutionizing research, discovering new data sets and pioneering methodologies to provide actionable intelligence. Our research teams have decades of experience working with massive amounts of unstructured data in near real-time to discern critical insights that help clients make smarter, more informed decisions. We combine the best of finance, data and technology to create a truly unique value proposition for both financial services firms and major corporations.

It should not be assumed that recommendations made in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of previous recommendations.  Comparisons of M Science published estimates to reported results are available by emailing  More information about M Science is available at

M Science is a portfolio company of Leucadia National Corporation (NYSE: LUK)

2018 Benzinga Award Winner
M Science is proud to be named Benzinga's 2018 winner for the category of Finding Alpha Through Alternative Data. Read More