While It May Feel Like The Holiday Shopping Season Gets Longer Every Year, For Major Retailers, The Turkey Five Still Dominates.

Black Friday Sales Start Earlier and Earlier Every Year

Christmas creep has now progressed such that when the bats and witches are taken down in stores across America, they are immediately replaced with tinsel and Mariah Carey. Has the extension of the holiday shopping period then lessened the importance of the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday shopping period known as the Turkey Five, or are shoppers committed to tradition, possibly expecting the best deals to come on Black Friday itself?

The holiday shopping season has undeniably been getting longer, and traditional, brick and mortar retailers are now beginning to offer their Black Friday deals a week or multiple weeks before the actual day. This year, the early arrivals of sales was exaggerated by companies responding to the chronological quirk of this year having the fewest possible days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the traditional prime-time for holiday shopping.

Shoppers Gotta Get Down on Black Friday

Despite the attempts to extend the holiday shopping period, the Turkey Five still dominates: M Science estimates a higher share of dollars spent in the holiday shopping period from the three weeks before Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday this year was spent during the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday period than in any of the last 5 years.

That isn’t to say the holiday shopping period isn’t changing at all though: more and more shoppers are taking advantage of the deals offered online and opting for the convenience of Christmas shopping from home. Stay tuned for our analysis of how Christmas shipping deadlines can cut into e-tailers’ sales or deliver massive profits.

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