M Science’s SWIPE provides concise, actionable information and insights from credit and debit transaction data by building rigorous pipelines around merchant identification, quality-checking, identifying the most representative data through company-specific machine-learning models, and providing clear, verifiable data for our clients. Metrics are provided on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, with content updated daily.

SWIPE is an all-encompassing ecosystem around transaction data, providing clients with multiple viewpoints. Our machine learning models provide the ability to present spending behavior, forecast future trends, do real time predictive modelling of company specific KPIs and present detailed cohort analytics, all the while continuously learning from past market events and changes in data composition. Its purpose is to aid the investment professional in making quick, concise yet thoroughly vetted decisions.



M Data SWIPE includes 626 total brands/merchants across 500 companies and 230 publicly traded entities.

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