“The M Science team has the deepest telecom experience I’ve ever come across.”

Telecom Analytics

Turn data into opportunity. M Science provides the most accurate and comprehensive Mobile Handset Reporting in the industry. We cleanse, parse and integrate data from multiple sources and transform them into unrivaled actionable insights. If you have specific needs related to any aspect of your business, or wish to commission a single-client, customized report, our team will work with you to develop tailored analysis specific to your requirements.

Telecom Panel

The M Science data panel consists of thousands of cellular dealers in North America and provides point of sale data related to sales, handset exchanges and upgrades and subscription plans.

Our data allows us to track a handset from purchase to upgrade or exchange as well as chosen carrier. Attributes include rate plans, financing, purchase, lease or installment payment choice as well as data plans.

We can provide information on duration of subscribed plans and handset ownership before trade in or upgrade.

Period research reports include:
  • North America Mobile Handset Report:
    Includes monthly detailed handset sales estimates for US and Canada, carriers, manufacturers, brand, model, product specifications and features. Measures include dollars, units and pricing observing monthly trends and 3+ years of history.
  • Returns & Exchanges Report:
    Insights for tracking satisfaction, initial quality and volume by OEMs, operators, OS and model. Estimates the average return and exchange rate. Flowshare between OEMs.
  • Complete Upgrade Report:
    Comprehensive reporting of consumer decisions on upgrade/trade-in of handsets regardless of service contract. Segments activities by method of acquisition, form of upgrade, flowshare across OEM’s and technical specification decision paths.

For each handset we also report dozens of technical specs including:

  • Battery Capacity
  • Camera specifications (flash, pixels, resolution)
  • Connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Mobile Hot-spot)
  • Display (screen size, touch, technology)
  • Hardware (storage, processor, chip, memory)
  • Radio (CDMA, GSM, LTE)
  • Software (smart phone, OS, Android version)

2018 Benzinga Award Winner
M Science is proud to be named Benzinga's 2018 winner for the category of Finding Alpha Through Alternative Data. Read More