“M Science is about more than just analysis. They identify the problem and help us solve it.”

Consulting Services

Through our bespoke consulting services, M Science can help you define and solve your business problems by tapping into the power of our data, proprietary analytics and domain expertise.

Our breadth of consumer data across industries such as Retail, Soft and Hard Lines, Casual Dining and Quick Service Restaurants gives us a unique ability to create a competitive landscape analysis and probe your customers’ behavior.

By tracking individuals’ anonymized purchase behavior, we can determine how a specific customer cohort interacts within an industry sector or across sectors. This data helps drive impact analyses for a variety of business strategies. By assessing market conditions before, during and after an event we can perform quantifiable analyses.

Typical Impact Analysis events:

  • New Store Openings
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Price Increases
  • New Formats

Understanding consumers by location

Using proprietary M Science algorithms, we can determine the proximity of transactions allowing behavior tracking by location, city, zip code or MSA. This data can broaden your understanding of regional consumers and support decisions on geographic expansion.